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Accessibility Training
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Welcome To The Music Technology Training Page On Accessibility Training

Are you working independently as a record producer or, musician at home? Do you require accessibility hardware software training? If so, we may be able to help. We can train you in the use of screen reading packages such as Jaws. I can also train you in the following music hardware and software:

  • Samplitude Pro X3 Suite
  • The set of Jaws scripts that can be used to create keyboard support in applications where keyboard support is non existent, HotSpotClicker
  • Cake Talking For Sonar,
  • The free Jaws scripts for Sonar, Jsonar,
  • Sonar,
  • And Sound Forge,

If you live in the UK then, we will be happy to help you write a proposal for Access To Work. We Continue to work with several clients in other locations such as the US via skype. For more information and to book training, please read the information on our:

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You may also wish to take a look at some free music technology resources on our:

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