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Welcome To The TT Dynamic Range Meter HSC Access Page On Accessibility Training

This page contains information on what you can access in the TT Dynamic Range Meter and TT Dynamic Range Meter stand-alone application. There is also information for purchasing the HSC sets.

You can purchase the sets using Pay Pal or, if you’re inside the UK then, you can send a check or, purchase the sets using electronic transfer. Use the contact details above to obtain the information required to do this. Note: if you don't have a Pay Pal account then, you can still purchase the sets through Pay Pal, by using a debit or, credit card.

You can if you wish make a donation of 50$ to the Pleasurize Music Foundation and purchase the TT Meter on the:

Pleasurize Music Foundation Website

align=left">Pricing For The HSC Sets And Scripts

The sets cost £50.00 and they will be E-mailed to you after you have purchased them. The sets work in Sonar, Samplitude and the stand-alone TT Dynamic Range Meter application. Note: in order to do this, you will have to type your Jaws serial number into the form. Choose the link below to purchase the sets on Pay Pal.

TT Meter Purchase Page

Or you can if you wish, read about the software and current implementation further down this page

Remember that in order to run the HotSpotClicker sets, you will require HotSpotClicker. You can download that from

The HotSpotClicker website.

TT Dynamic Range Meter Access IN Samplitude Pro X 2, Samplitude Pro X2 Suite And Sonar Producer 8.5.3

  • Read the left Peak meter,
  • Read the right Peak meter,
  • Read both Peak meters at the same time,
  • Read the left RMS meter,
  • Read the right RMS meter,
  • Read both RMS meters at the same time,
  • Read the left DR meter,
  • Read the right DR meter,
  • And read both DR meters at the same time

TT Dynamic Range Meter Access In The TT DR Offline Meter 1.4 Application

  • Read the left and right Peak,
  • Read the Average RMS,
  • Read the Average DR,
  • Read the Official DR,
  • Read the name of the file that is loaded,
  • Toggle between files and folders
  • And open button.

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